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Itching Skin – Eczema?

At about nine months, our son, Trentin, developed patches of eczema on his face, arms and legs. We couldn’t figure out what was causing the terrible red patches. We are guessing that since it coincided with me no longer nursing hinm, he was not getting the vitamins, plus aloe which I was taking and he was no longer benefiting from. Knowing how healing aloe is, we started giving him about 1 oz. of aloe in his bottle mixed with water. (To this day he asks for his Aloe Water.) After only a few days of drinking the aloe, the redness in his cheeks went away and the patches on his skin also disappeared. Today, he is four years old and no longer has patches of eczema on his skin, thanks to the aloe. We know it’s the aloe helping him because we’ve tested it when we ran out for a week and he started developing small dry patches again. We now order aloe by the case because we never want to be without it.

Kristel J.


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