Oh my, the last day of a great World Conference.  This was by far the best yet!

Finally, some of my Green Bay business partners made it despite the snowstorm that delayed them for 2 days.  Nothing like being stuck in airports or at a hotel.   I encouraged them that one day is better than not attending.  What a commitment to come even with all those challenges.

Elizabeth Weber, the top money earner with Market America pumped the crowd up with her energizing enthusiasm.  One of her quotes, “You never lose steam, when you have a team.”  She’s been an incredible leader paving the way for so many.

Phil Guido shared how he promotes his business on marketamerica.com by showing people a better way to shop.  By marketing his webportal, he had over $7500.00 in sales the week prior to World Conference.  Everyone needs our products and services and he simply connects people with what they want and need.  So, it’s not like selling!

Amber Yang received the Jerry Siciliano award.  What a memorable moment to see her receive such a distinguished award.  Each year this award is awarded to an unfranchise owner who the corporate team chooses that have gone way above the call of duty to grow their business, work & train their team.  She stated that she is the first generation immigrant to come to this country.  She was so grateful and humble, it was very touching.  Lots of happy tears!

Other guests appearances besides Eva Longoria, Scottie Pippen, Kamal Hotchandani and others were Ken Paves, Fat Joe, Sammi Sweetheart, and Alejando Sanz.

JR, Pres.of MA, for over 3 hours, closed out the day with various skits and demonstrated his belief in all of us with a goal ladder to show the necessary steps to success.  He killed the alarm clock by smashing it with a baseball bat.  This was a great demonstration for us to know that we can be free from alarm clocks by following the proven 2-3 yr. plan, instead of the 45 yr. plan.  Also, loved how he threw a big TV across the stage.  Some of us are so tied down to the “One Eyed Monster” that we can never accomplish our goals and dreams that we’ve had for years.

With traveling and being excited about what #MarketAmerica is doing for all of us shopping consultants, I haven’t stopped or slept more than 4-5 hours per evening.  Oh, ya, and then the Super Bowl pre-party and after party.  What a great game!!!!!!!!  We are the CHAMPIONS!


Comments on: "Market America’s World Conference – Day 3" (2)

  1. Great Job Carol’s Blog.
    Isn’t it amazing to see a new wave rolling through an old lifestyle. And you are bringing it all together.
    Go, Gal – it’s your turn to party. –FinePickens

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