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Market America’s World Conference – Day 3

Oh my, the last day of a great World Conference.  This was by far the best yet!

Finally, some of my Green Bay business partners made it despite the snowstorm that delayed them for 2 days.  Nothing like being stuck in airports or at a hotel.   I encouraged them that one day is better than not attending.  What a commitment to come even with all those challenges.

Elizabeth Weber, the top money earner with Market America pumped the crowd up with her energizing enthusiasm.  One of her quotes, “You never lose steam, when you have a team.”  She’s been an incredible leader paving the way for so many.

Phil Guido shared how he promotes his business on by showing people a better way to shop.  By marketing his webportal, he had over $7500.00 in sales the week prior to World Conference.  Everyone needs our products and services and he simply connects people with what they want and need.  So, it’s not like selling!

Amber Yang received the Jerry Siciliano award.  What a memorable moment to see her receive such a distinguished award.  Each year this award is awarded to an unfranchise owner who the corporate team chooses that have gone way above the call of duty to grow their business, work & train their team.  She stated that she is the first generation immigrant to come to this country.  She was so grateful and humble, it was very touching.  Lots of happy tears!

Other guests appearances besides Eva Longoria, Scottie Pippen, Kamal Hotchandani and others were Ken Paves, Fat Joe, Sammi Sweetheart, and Alejando Sanz.

JR, Pres.of MA, for over 3 hours, closed out the day with various skits and demonstrated his belief in all of us with a goal ladder to show the necessary steps to success.  He killed the alarm clock by smashing it with a baseball bat.  This was a great demonstration for us to know that we can be free from alarm clocks by following the proven 2-3 yr. plan, instead of the 45 yr. plan.  Also, loved how he threw a big TV across the stage.  Some of us are so tied down to the “One Eyed Monster” that we can never accomplish our goals and dreams that we’ve had for years.

With traveling and being excited about what #MarketAmerica is doing for all of us shopping consultants, I haven’t stopped or slept more than 4-5 hours per evening.  Oh, ya, and then the Super Bowl pre-party and after party.  What a great game!!!!!!!!  We are the CHAMPIONS!


Market America’s Conference – Day 2

Another fantastic day at conference.  The excitement filled the arena with over 20,000 in attendance.  Some celebrities in attendance were Serena Williams, Scottie Pippen, Eva Longoria, Justina, Phil Stacey (American Idol, Season #6), Vince Papale (former Phil. Eagles).

The mayor of Miami Beach proclaimed today as JR & Loren Day.  They received a proclaimation for being so active in the community.

More enhancements to the CashBack program.  #MarketAmerica lowered the CashBack threshold to receive a check from $50 down to $10.   Partner stores are offering more cashback to our customers.  Many stores that offered 2%, now offer 4,5,6 or more percent.

Hot Deals on the portal from so many stores.    Loren picked out some gifts on the portal that would make ideal Valentines gifts.  After checking all the #HotDeals, coupons and discounts, on a $427 purchase, the total after discounts and cashback was $102.  Fantastic Savings!!!

When traveling, always check out on the portal.  This week by applying the promo code, Heart, you can receive a $25 certificate for only $3.00 plus there’s an extra $10 off at Pro Flowers for Valentines Day.

Loren has a new jewelry collection coming out soon on the HSN.  The collection by Loren Ridinger is lower priced gorgeous jewelry.  Being partnered with the shopping channel, this will open 125 million new homes.  Loren’s appearance on the HSN will increase visibility HUGE.

Customer reviews are important on all the products as only 14% see a revenue of return using TV advertising or print.

With, it’s a perfect match, as Market America has what doesn’t, customer retention, people power, and one to one marketing. has 5 times more traffic, SEO and SEM, Website merchandising, and comparison shopping.   Some of the benefits are that shoppers can add items and checkout from multiple merchants, ship items to different destinations, use different shipping methods, and apply merchant coupons.  Shoppers can refine or narrow their search by selecting a department, product type, brand, or seller.   Shoppers can also change the default view and results, narrow by price range, or change the sort order of any result set.  With over 40 Million products with rich descriptions, sale prices and images.  Over 5,000 brand pages that detail and showcase the top retail brands.  Price alerts in where shoppers set a price they’re interested in purchasing a specific product for and when the product price hits that point, an email notification is automatically sent to the shopper.

eGifts gives the shopper a list of products they think the recipient might enjoy.  eGifts sends this list of products to the recipient, who chooses the product that best fits their needs.  The gift giver’s credit card is billed and the selected item is shipped directly.  Gift givers can also send an eGift to multiple recipients.

We now have a new E-Z registration in place.  Allows any new customer to sign up with only entering their email address.  The customer can shop and will continue to earn Cashback.  Once a purchase is made, then a complete full registration is required.

Paul Carlotta, Exec.Director, shared how you can recruit and follow up without leaving home.  He’s a pro with Social Media and has acquired many customers through Facebook, etc.

Tonya Smith, Director of Mall Management & Web Merchandising, introduced many new products and services.  New Isotonix Activated B-Complex which boosts energy, decreases stress, and supports cardiovascular health and more.  Aloe Powder contains 150% aloe, will be great for traveling.   Isotonix Specialty Cocktails is perfect for someone just beginning to explore customized nutrition.  Formulas include:  Heart Health Blend, Children’s Health Blend, Weight Management Blend, Energy Blend, Anti-Aging Blend and Bone and Joint Blend.

Doctor’s Panel consisted of Perry Krichmar, MD, Steven Lamm, MD, Deedra Mason, ND, Steven Schnur, MD.  One of the doctors talked about the importance of Fish Oils.  How many mil. per day do you take?  How much DHA and EPA are in your Omegas?  Dr. Lamm stated, “what patients need is good information”.  What people want for their health is to have control over it.  “Keep your heart and your joints healthy”.

After having over 17 surgeries, Scottie Pippen, former Basketball Hall of Famer, has found relief in all his aches and pains with the Prime joint formula.  Isotonix has sold him.

Amanda Ridinger, CEO of Conquer Entertainment, announced Conquering the music industry from the fan to the artist.  We had a special appearance by America Idol finalists, Phil Stacey, singing songs that really got the audience up on their feet.

Evening consisted of workshops with, nutra Metrix, and Conquer Entertainment followed by a Conquer Showcase Party from 11pm to 2am.   Now I know why I need to go home – to get some sleep.

Google, paid to shop, and you’ll find Market America right at the top.  No other company can compare!

Market America’s World Conference – Day 1

Wow, what an exciting first day in Miami at the best conference ever.  So much energy in the crowd.

The doors opened at 9:00a.m with general session to start at 10am.  Looking out of my hotel room, I could see the line already forming at the American Airlines Arena  at 7am.  The Chinese were all dressed in red and gold to celebrate the Chinese New Year, the year of the rabbit and all we could see was a sea of red & gold.  They were anxiously waiting for the doors to open.

Loren Ridinger, Sr. Vice Pres. opened and welcomed everyone.  Thanked everyone that made it despite the weather challenges.  I’m still waiting for a few from my team from Green Bay to arrive.  Some couldn’t get out of Chicago and some are in Cinncinati. Quite a few challenges and yet some were creative and took a bus or drove all night to get here. Truly amazing!  Where else can you learn to make a six figure on-going income working  just part-time following a proven business plan?

Loren & Marc Ashley, Chief Operating Officer, introduced our new team from Shop.Com.  Ken Goldstein, Strategic Advisor, Vince Hunt, COO, Roger Ritchie, VP of Marketing & Business Management.  We believe that this partnership will send shock waves throughout the shopping and internet retailing world.

Dennis Franks, Exec. VP shared 10 simple steps to making $l87,000 per year.

Steve Ashley,  VP of Internet Marketing shared where Market America is going with Networking with Social Media.  Also, talked about ma Mobile.  Price comparisons and apps from a mobile phone?  Unbelievable!

Eugene Wallace, VP of Project Management expounded on MA Network and how we’ll be able to match products to various profiles with the Ma Network.

Dennis Franks , JR., Pres. of  Market America and other elite members of the corporate team will be storming the nation with one goal – to build our businesses.  The Blitz tour will be coming to Dallas, Phoenix, Pasadena, Portland, Minneapolis, Toronto, Boston, Long Island, Baltimore and Charlotte.  All these will be held in March of this year.  They will share the mission, vision, integrity and future of Market America.

Kamal Hotchandani, Haute Living Magazine, discussed an easy recruiting tool that just got easier.  Powerline magazine digital which will direct our customers directly to the shopping portal.

Kevin Buckman, V.Pres., was passionate about helping eliminate debt with Capital Resources.  This program teaches you how to become Debt Free in as little as one half to one third the time.  The software and coaching is tailored specifically to your financial situation.

Jesse Yang, Director in Market America making $18,000-$25,000 in a four week paycycle shared how to hit a new pin level.  What a dynamic speaker!

New products were introduced in the personal care line.  Fixx is a solution-oriented product, created for men, coveted by women.  Many new products in that line from instant line vanish, argan oil no frizz, lash extend, nip n’ tuck (coming soon), hair mascara (gives your hair lasting touch-ups instantly, shampoos, conditioners, volumizing boost spray and much more.

Joe Bolyard, Exec.V. Pres., spoke on the national expansion.  Where will the Unfranchise land next?  UK as well as many more countries.  Philipines is going strong as well as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, and Canada.  Soon we will be worldwide and a household name.

Michael Brady, Chief Technology Officer and Andrew Weissman, Exec. Director of Field Development introduced a new Prospect Management  program that will be effective in March.

Andy Docos, Field V.Pres., earning $36,000-$45,000 in a four week paycycle shared the power of programming  with audios.  Turn the radio off, listen to audios.

Jeremy Fennema, Director of Internet Services and Training, shared the best internet services to make any business better.  So many new enhancements to the websites for small to medium size businesses.  Also, personal websites.

Dennis Franks, Exec.VP, and Lydia Martinez, Director of  Transitions are tackling obesity with the latest from Transitions.  A new product called Core will help promote weight loss and reduce BMI while supporting leptin sensitivity to help manage hunger and stimulate lipolysis.  Testimonies shared on weight loss from previous TLS Shape Up with kids losing weight and sharing their stories.  How proud these parents were.  Very heart warming!

There were five break out sessions held at the Hilton in the evening.  These sessions went until 10pm so it was definitely a day of jammed packed learning.  I’ll be touching more on each of these topics in the future and giving you more detailed information.

Like JR, I’m excited about all the possiblities and where this company is going.

Looking forward to tomorrow for another fun-filled day of learning.

Good Night!

Never Too Old For Social Media – Eat That Elephant!

When Market America announced at our National Convention that social media is the future, I rolled my eyes and thought “what next”.  Am I going to be lost in the dust or get on board and learn.  I made the commitment to myself that I would learn all I could about Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Word Press, Social Media and it’s marketing impact and take action to do a little each day.

The younger generation, with their texting fingers seem to grasp this much quicker.  After 14 years of networking, the first two in which I did not even own a computer (now I can’t be without) I realized that this is a HUGE learning curve and I’m willing to bite the bullet and not let anyone or anything stop me from learning as much as I can.

I have a Social Media Coach (Brian at #InnovaTechnologies) guiding me through many weeks of training.  He’s been very patient with me, even when I ask the same questions over and over.  I’ve come a long way as I now know what a “Tweet” is, even though the Pufferfish sometimes eat it.

Early on, at one of my first conventions, JR Ridinger, Pres. of Market America stated that there will be a time when you can order anything on line and get paid back in commissions.  We all thought, how can that be and now the time has come.

The future is now and I intend to spend the rest of my life there.  For those of us (60 and over) this is not the time to give up, it’s the time to fight back, get mad if you have to, go for it and just have fun.  Meet new friends, share #MarketAmerica and enjoy learning as much as you can about Social Media while you’re earning money.

My grandchildren will someday say, “That’s My Grandma!” she ate the elephant one bite at a time.

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