Why is vitamin D important for healthy bones and joints?

Dr. Michael Roizen Answered:
Vitamin D is critical for bone and joint health, because it works hand-in-hand (or if vitamins had little hands, I guess it would) to strengthen bone and joint tissue.

How? If calcium is the ingredient that absolutely, positively has to get to your bones on time, then vitamin D is FedEx. Essentially, vitamin D increases the absorption of calcium, making it more efficient to deliver calcium to your bones so they can stay strong.

Besides being essential for good bone health, vitamin D may also be effective for your joints. Recent studies show that vitamin D may help slow the progression of arthritis. People who had high levels of vitamin D experienced less joint deterioration than those who had lower levels. Individuals with low levels of D and calcium were three more times more likely to suffer from, and age from, arthritis.

You need vitamin D for a multitude of other reasons, too, of course. For one, it’s a potent cancer fighter.

Blog Source: Share care at DoctorOz..com


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