Why take a Multi-vitamin!

A good quality Multi-vitamin preferably in isotonic form provides us with essential nutrients that we need to survive in a fast paced society.  Isotonic means the same pressure or tone.  Also means having the same fluid pressure as body fluids.  In other words, it’s alreay pre-digested and goes to work within 5-10 min. Make it a daily habit to take a  good quality Multi as these nutrients are required for our heart, brain, eye, bones, joints, muscle, immune system and healthy hormones.  Every day our bodies are faced with exposure to toxins  from the air we breathe, free radicals from pesticides sprayed on our food, processed foods (frozen vegetables, canned fruits, etc.) plus exposure to chemicals and the lists goes on. 

Illness, stress and lack of sleep also play havoc on our bodies.  By taking a Multi-vitamin, we are building a stronger immune system, increasing your energy and a great sense of well being.


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