Why not drink your vitamins! Normally, when you ingest a daily vitamin or nutritional supplement tablet, your body must work up to four hours digesting and absorbing the vitamins and nutrients.  During this lengthy breakdown process, a percentage of the nutritive value is lost.  But because Isotonix products are powders (you mix it with the proper amount of water), none of the fillers, binders, coatings and lubricants that are common to tablet manufacturing are necesary.  As a result, the amount of time and work necessary to absorb a supplement is greatly decreased.  Normally, it’s predigested within 5-10 min.  Far cry, from up to 4 hours to be absorbed and many times they are not absorbed.  Ask the nurses in the nursing homes about undigested vitamins and calcium, they refer to them as “bed pan bullets”


Comments on: "Tired of swallowing those Horse Pills?" (2)

  1. I like the fact I can drink my vitamins!

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